Dave Kerpen | 3 Ways Accessing Your Success Has Never Been Easier
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3 Ways Accessing Your Success Has Never Been Easier

3 Ways Accessing Your Success Has Never Been Easier

When I applied for my first job out of college, the internet was still in its infancy. LinkedIn didn’t exist. Neither did Facebook or Twitter. Or Google!

The way to get a job was to send out dozens of resumes and hope someone returned a call. Or to know someone. That second thing is still just as important- only now, thanks to LinkedIn and other social networks, “knowing someone” takes on a whole new meaning.

Sometimes I take for granted how much access the digital and social age has given us. I want to know something about a company, I Google it and know instantly who they are and what they do. I want to know about a professional, I find them here on LinkedIn and can connect in seconds. But, using this access for research and using this access to directly move you and/or your business forward are two entirely different things.

Here are 3 rules of thumb to remember to help you use today’s technology to take your business to the next level, plus tools to go along with them.

1. You Can Learn It Online

It used to be that in order to get to participate in awesome continuing education, conferences, keynotes, or classes you had to buy a plane ticket and travel to be in room physically. Now, you can be in two places at once, literally. Conferences allow the purchase of live streaming tickets. Classes and certifications can be taken all online. Companies like Lynda and Khan Academy are totally changing the game. I even recently Meerkated my daughter’s performance in a play and had over 100 active watchers!

Don’t miss out on opportunities to learn the skills that will help you grow your resume, your brand, your portfolio, or your business, all from the comfort of your home or office.

2. A Video Says 10,000 Words

I’ve told my sales team at Likeable Local countless times that when it comes to forming business relationships and closing deals,

Face-to-face is ALWAYS better”

Well, that’s not always possible, but nowadays, video is! Set up a video conference using one of the many video meeting tools out there and easily start connecting with potential new business. One of our favorites at Likeable Local, (which also happens to be free) is Appear.In!

Recently, an investor who has a cloud based angels group asked Likeable Local to pitch to their investors across the country…virtually! 5 years ago, this would never have been a possibility.

They say a picture says a thousand words, but today, video is the new picture. What jobs and business opportunities are you missing out on by not embracing the access that video can provide?
3. Social Media Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult For You Anymore

Social media itself provides HUGE access to prospects, brands, celebrities, and possible business partners. Researching and finding these people and companies using social media is manageable since you know who you’re looking for. However, the real magic happens when you attract prospects through engaging and curated content, listening, and responding. Doing all of these things to actually manage the social media presence for yourself or your business can be an overwhelming and often inefficient task, yet crucial nonetheless.

The solution to accessing your social media success? Smart tools and apps. I’m thrilled to announce that Likeable Local just announced our new social media marketing app, Likeable VIP. We’re giving away 50,000 FREE memberships on our early access list. Save your spot today!

In so many ways, the world is so different than it was 15 years ago. Technology may seem overwhelming and complicated at times. But in many ways, technology has made things easier. We are more connected to one another than ever before. And if you want to learn, get a job, make a sale, or establish a new business connection, the internet, social networks, and mobile phones and apps are the way to go, to access your success.

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