Dave Kerpen | Why We Need to Talk More About Mental Illness in Tech and Business & 18 Other Articles You Missed
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Why We Need to Talk More About Mental Illness in Tech and Business & 18 Other Articles You Missed

Why We Need to Talk More About Mental Illness in Tech and Business & 18 Other Articles You Missed

This week Jeff Bercovici, the San Francisco bureau chief for Inc., published a powerful article discussing the importance of increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness in the business and tech industries. The piece describes Bercovici’s experience with Austen Heinz, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who committed suicide weeks after battling public humiliation and bipolar disorder. Offering a more intimate perspective, Bercovici also shares how his family life was impacted by a younger sister’s struggles with mental illness. Here’s Why We Need To Talk More About Mental Illness in Tech and Business and 18 other articles you may have missed this week.

1.  Keep Your Commute From Killing You
You can get a lot more out of your daily commute by adopting a brand new attitude.

2. How to Set Boundaries With People Who Want to Pick Your Brain
When people want your expertise for free, what’s reasonable to provide–and how can you set limits?

3. 6 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged and Productive
Telecommuting employees can become isolated. Here’s how to make sure they stay part of your team.

4. Barbara Corcoran on What It Takes to Get More Done Every Day
The ‘Shark Tank’ star shares her wisdom on the importance of working smart and protecting your time when you’re trying to build a business.

5. 10 Bad Habits That Make You Look Really Unprofessional
These rules are so straightforward and simple, and they enhance your credibility. Why do so many people ignore them?

6. If You Possess These 5 Traits, You’re Guaranteed Success
Accomplished people have common characteristics that help them stand above the rest. Here’s a few you may have thought of–and others that aren’t so obvious.

7. Why Facebook’s Lack of Employee Diversity Could Prove Fatal
Lack of diversity could hurt the premiere social network. Here’s what you can learn from Facebook.

8. 7 Ways People With Phenomenal Mental Toughness Fight Stress
Mentally strong people don’t let stressful circumstances hold them back or get them down. Here’s how.

9. Why Tech Companies Need to Stand Firm on Privacy
Can the government truly say that equipping consumer devices with data-encryption features is endangering national security?

10. Marcus Lemonis: Your Single Biggest Challenge Is to Get to the Consumer
The host of CNBC’s “The Profit” offers tech entrepreneur Jere Simpson a solution to the big problem he doesn’t even realize is coming.

11. Why We Need to Talk More About Mental Illness in Tech and Business
Trying to find the lesson in an entrepreneur’s suicide.

12. How an 8th Grade Dropout Founded a $5 Billion Company
Here’s how William Rosenberg, a child of the Great Depression, built Dunkin’ Donuts into a wildly successful brand.

13. How Yoobi Pulled In $20 Million (and Usher) During its First Year of Business
Here’s how CEO Ido Leffler scored an exclusive line of products with Usher for his one-year-old school supplies company.

14. Peter Thiel Wants You to Get Angry About Death
The billionaire venture capitalist wants to live forever and doesn’t understand people who don’t.

15. The Idaho Company Keeping Cowboys in Business
Cowboy Cordage has become the go-to source for the ranchers and rodeo stars whose livelihoods depend on a well-made rope.

16. 7 Science-Backed Tips to Negotiate Better
Want to make better deals for yourself and your business? This massive guide to the psychology of negotiation can help.

17. 30 Surprising Facts About Female Founders
The U.S. leads the world in high-performance entrepreneurship. Female founders, in particular, contribute some of the greatest stats in growth in revenue, growth in employment, and financial efficiency.

18. 11 Cringeworthy Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Business
Avoid making these 11 mistakes to keep your business alive and thriving.

19. 5 Tips for Running Productive Team Meetings
There are few things worse than walking away from a long and unproductive team meeting.

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