Dave Kerpen | 15 Ways to Get You Unstuck
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15 Ways to Get You Unstuck

15 Ways to Get You Unstuck

“Why can’t we keep growing like we had been so well?”

I asked this of my wife and Chief Operating Officer about Likeable Media in June of 2010 when we hit our first real plateau after three years of phenomenal growth.

Come to think of it, I’ve asked that question several times, of various teams, since I became an entrepreneur eight years ago. And before that, I’ve been asked that question several times by my bosses – sometimes earnestly, sometimes angrily, but always with the intention of figuring out how to get unstuck.

As a writer, as a salesperson, even as a professional, I’ve found myself often “stuck” without productively and consistently growing my output.

Slumps, plateaus, roadblocks. They happen to every entrepreneur and every company at some point or another. They happen to every sales professional and every writer at some point. Getting over these slumps can be very difficult. In fact, I liken entrepreneurship and business to a roller coaster: There are amazing highs but challenging lows as well. Sometimes climbing the mountain the the next high can be very difficult.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Barry Moltz, author of the excellent book How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again, who gave me a list of 25 way to get your business unstuck. I hope these help you get unstuck the next time you hit a slump or roadblock. Some of these are more relevant to entrepreneurs, but they are all helpful in thinking about how to get out of our own heads to keep growing:

1. Merge your personal and professional life, but find an oasis where business never enters and where you can escape daily.
2. Build a business and a routine that navigates your “Passion to Pain”. Be able to describe in one sentence what pain your business solves and who has the money to solve that pain.
3. Build a method to systematically stay in touch with your clients, prospects, influencers and connectors on a weekly basis.
4. Each day, pick one critical success factor that you must get done to move yourself or your business forward.
5. Filter constant inbound Information like email, voice mails and social media alerts in order to avoid interruption.
6. Practice the 80/20 rule: Cut out one non-profitable thing out of your business or professional life today.
7. Find the leverage points in your business or professional life that will allow you to be more
8. Choose one process to rebuild for greater impact and efficiency.
9. Change one work habit.
10. Identify your mentor. Give him or her a call.
11. Practice the rapid release: Let go of the prospects that have said maybe. Put them back in the general marketing funnel.

12. Survey your customers and prospects to find out their pain. Don’t sell, just survey, and listen.

13. Let go of the myth the customer is always right. They aren’t (but neither are
you). Just listen, and practice becoming a better listener.

14. Set specific social media goals for yourself or your company and measure the return.

15.Be able to explain every number on your financial statements. Financial literacy will make you stronger and help you grow.

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