Dave Kerpen | How to Negotiate Like Bill Gates & 13 Other Articles You Missed This Week
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How to Negotiate Like Bill Gates & 13 Other Articles You Missed This Week

How to Negotiate Like Bill Gates & 13 Other Articles You Missed This Week

Perhaps one of the most important skills in business and in life is the ability to negotiate.  Whether you’re trying to convince your 7 yr old to choose carrots over a french fries, or negotiating the right investment terms for your startup, this skill can help you generate revenue, results, and ultimately get you what you want.

This week Will Yakowicz published an article on Inc.com on the subject of controlling your anxiety in order to succeed at the negotiating table. Here’s Will’s article as well as these 13 others you may have missed this week.

1. Marcus Lemonis: When (and When Not) to Take Bigger Business Risks 

In the first episode of a new Inc. video series, the host of CNBC’s The Profit helps Elizabeth Frank, founder of a modeling and talent agency, weigh the personal costs of expansion.

2. Billionaire Ken Fisher Shares 8 Insights Only the Self-Made Super Wealthy Understand
Wonder what it’s really like to strike it rich? Billionaire Ken Fisher explains the perspectives of the self-made wealthy.

3. Your Mom’s Roses: They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To
Inc. caught up with FTD’s Rob Apatoff to learn how the flower business gears up for its busiest day of the year.

4. How to Negotiate Like Bill Gates
Don’t let your anxiety incite uncontrolled emotions at the bargaining table.

5. Stalled Pay Is Clobbering Work-Life Balance
A recent survey links trouble balancing work and life to the fact that worker pay is stagnating.

6. The Commencement Speeches You Won’t Want to Miss This Graduation Season
President Obama, Tim Cook, and Megan Smith will be addressing thousands of new graduates over the coming weeks.

7. Learn These 5 Great Networking Skills
Don’t be a bagel! When chatting in groups, make sure you’re standing in an open, welcoming semicircle (like a croissant) and not huddling in a tight, closed circle.

8. How to Disarm a Larger Competitor
For a savvy small business, a big competitor can be a very good thing.

9. 4 Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs From ‘Game of Thrones’
No dragons or Red Weddings required.

10. 7 Ways to Destroy, Shoot, and Blow Up Your Stress
You know those days where everything that could go wrong does? Here are a few ideas on how to deal with them.

11. 5 Top Entrepreneurs and Their Signature Body Language Moves
The best leaders know how to communicate without even speaking. Here’s what you can learn from their habits.

12. Crazy Busy: The Ultimate Numbing Strategy
The act of being crazy busy means that we risk becoming numb to the really important experiences in life– experiences that we need to be successful.

13. The Most Important Minute of Your Day
Ken Blanchard, author of ‘The New One Minute Manager,’ has some counterintuitive advice for leading your team.

14. It’s Official: Wearing a Suit Makes You Less Effective
Clothes do indeed make the man (or the woman)… but not in a good way.

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