Dave Kerpen | Insider Secrets: An Idea A Day Gives You Something to Say
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Insider Secrets: An Idea A Day Gives You Something to Say

Insider Secrets: An Idea A Day Gives You Something to Say

“If you build it, they won’t come anymore.”

The social media space is constantly evolving, but one thing stays the same in an increasingly noisy world: the importance of providing consistent value.

Some say “if you build it, they will come,” but your new audience won’t stay if you don’t continually deliver great content. Many people have spent many hours of time and many thousands of dollars trying to crack the secrets to social media success, but one of the most effective answers to winning with social is also the most obvious: Consistency.

When people see that you consistently offer valuable, interesting, or entertaining content, then they’ll become a loyal follower and potential evangelist for you and/or your business. Furthermore, consistency reflects upon the type of business and person you are: one that’s not only there when to support and help sporadically but instead is always present and dedicated to providing value.

I can attest to the fact that business owners and professionals are some of the busiest people on the planet, and every minute is precious and must be used wisely. If the consistency of your social presence, whether it’s your personal brand or your business’, falls by the wayside or to someone ill equipped to handle it, this can be a costly mistake.

But how do you stay consistent on social, when there are a million other things to occupy your time? Here are 3 things that help me keep my social media presence consistent and powerful:

1. Daily Social Media Post Ideas Delivered To Your Inbox

Although many of us have a love-hate relationship with email, it remains an extremely effective way to get news and notifications. Imagine an engaging social media post idea delivered straight to your inbox each day that you can share in one click on multiple social channels. Such a game-changer. Luckily, my team at Likeable Local just launched such a thing with our new (always) FREE program, Idea A Day. We’ll literally send you a professionally designed social media post idea every day via email for free. Sign up here or at www.FreeIdeaOfTheDay.com.

2. Following Great People on LinkedIn and Twitter

I follow hundreds of thought leaders and other influencers and share their content daily. Sharing is the greatest form of social media flattery! Don’t be afraid to generously retweet and share great content from others. There is so much value in exposing your audience to it, and even if the content wasn’t yours originally, your audience will appreciate your sharing it.

3. Smart Repetition

The average length of time for a post in the Twitter newsfeed in 24 minutes. Consequently, an identical repeated tweet receive about 86% as much engagement as the first tweet, with almost a completely new audience. Smart post repetition on Twitter and LinkedIn helps keep up my consistency for all of my followers, wherever they are in the world and are active on their social channels. I usually repeat tweets 5 times and LinkedIn posts 3 times.

What once thing can you do to improve your social media consistency and build a more loyal following?

If you’re struggling with social media consistency, I urge you to try Likeable Local’s free Idea A Day program and these other tactics!

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