Dave Kerpen | 10 Secrets Only Billionaires Know & 9 Other Articles You Missed This Week
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10 Secrets Only Billionaires Know & 9 Other Articles You Missed This Week

10 Secrets Only Billionaires Know & 9 Other Articles You Missed This Week

Quora, a website where you can submit questions and receive answers from experienced members, published one of the most popular articles on Inc this week. In the piece, they list and explain the ten things only the wealthiest people seem to know. Here’s 10 Secrets Only Billionaires Know & 9 others you may have missed this week.

1. 7 Powerful Lessons From TED Talks About Leadership
What makes a great leader in today’s world? Answers from the likes of Sheryl Sandberg and Simon Sinek

2. How a Real Leader Runs a Company Meeting
If your employees dread your meetings, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s how to make a meeting useful and productive for everyone.

3. 10 Secrets Only Billionaires Know
Billionaires know that there is a market for secret or hidden money, just like there is a market for so many other things.

4. The Productivity Habits of 7 Creative Geniuses
Thinking creatively for a living is serious business. That’s why some of the biggest names in art and literature often adopted idiosyncratic productivity habits.

5. The New Type of Company Everybody Wants to Work For
There’s more to employee happiness than perks and benefits–and the sooner we all realize it the better.

6. 8 Mental Habits the Most Successful People Learn to Break
It’s not what you learn, but what you unlearn that matters.

7. 5 of the Coolest Home Offices We Have Ever Seen
Sure, you could stick a desk in a corner or spare bedroom. But you could also have a little more fun with your home office.

8. 10 Things Unsuccessful People Never Stop Doing
It’s pretty simple, really. If you want to achieve great success, don’t let these bad habits get in your way.

9. The Skills You’ll Need to Avoid Being Replaced by a Robot
The fear of losing jobs to technology dates back centuries. But there’s one human skill that can help you stay relevant in an automated world.

10. How India’s ‘Garden City’ Is Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is the third-most populous city in India. Here’s why the lush, sprawling metropolis is a thriving hub for startup activity.

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