Dave Kerpen | Grateful
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I am grateful for the warmth of the sun,

I am grateful for the beauty of the Fall leaves in New York,

I am grateful for the joy on my son’s face when he walks onto a baseball field,

I am grateful for the pride I feel when watching my daughter dance,

I am grateful for the confidence I see when my oldest daughter speaks,

I am grateful for the empathy my wife is able to feel for everyone,

I am grateful for the happiness my family feels when playing with our dog,

I am grateful for the ambition and desire to change the world I’ve experienced

from so many fellow entrepreneurs,

I am grateful for the serenity I feel when I go for a walk, and put the phone away,

I am grateful for the courage of people to stand up for what and who they believe in,

I am grateful for the belonging I feel in my community,

I am grateful for the love I feel from so many friends and family.

I am grateful for the peace and freedom I have, that many others do not.

I am grateful for the hope I feel, no matter how dark the day may get.

I am grateful for so much and so many people, today and everyday.

I am grateful for YOU.

I hope and pray that all who read this can feel gratitude for all of these things,

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