Dave Kerpen | Help Me. Help Yourself. Help a Charity Get $1 Million
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Help Me. Help Yourself. Help a Charity Get $1 Million

Help Me. Help Yourself. Help a Charity Get $1 Million


That’s how I’ve felt about Jet.com and their audacious launch plan since I learned of it just 3 weeks ago. Considering that I’m raising a family, running a fast-growing startup and writing a book, it takes a lot for me to get obsessed with something else. This is a lot.

Jet.com is the brainchild of Marc Lore, the founder of Diapers.com & Soap.com who sold to Amazon in 2011 for $545 million. Marc’s new company represents a potentially disruptive model to Amazon. Think Costco meets e-commerce: Customers will pay $50/year for membership and then supposedly enjoy huge savings on millions of items, including what you‘d pay at Amazon, but for less.

Marc told me, “We’ll have cost and supply chain savings passed on to our customers. Everything’s re-priced in real time to reflect the true underlying economics. We’ll make all costs transparent, since we don’t profit on anything we sell, only on club memberships.”

Marc’s raised an astounding $80 million of seed capital pre-launch for what he calls a “streamlined, easy way to shop.”

The only thing bolder than the company’s vision is their audacious launch plan. Jet is doing business and consumer press, but the lynchpin of the launch plan is the Jet Insider club, a word-of-mouth-marketing initiative to sign up as many people as possible pre-launch. People sign up for Jet Insider at Jet.com, earning a free 6 month membership as soon as they do. Then they get custom referral links to invite their friends. Everything is tracked, and the people who refer the most friends get prizes ranging from 5 year memberships to lifetime memberships to stock options in the company.

If the company succeeds at the scale Marc’s hoping for, those stock options will be worth millions of dollars to the 10 people who bring in the most referrals by the February launch.

And guess what, YOU get 6 months free membership just for signing up today!

So here’s my ask: I’m currently #13 out of 300,000 Jet insiders, and I need your help to get to #1.

  1. Please visit: www.JetRules.com and register with your name and email.
  2. Please share my custom link: www.JetRules.com with your friends and family through social media and email
  3. Tweet, Facebook, and share on LinkedIn using this ready-made content:
    1. (Click to Tweet) Love the ease of shopping with @Amazon, but the prices of @Costco? Now you can have both :www.JetRules.com
    2. (Click to Tweet) JetRules.com is giving away a 6-month memberships & other amazing perks for a limited time! Register now http://JetRules.com

Here’s what I’m most excited about: If we reach this goal of hitting #1 and I am awarded 100,000 shares, and if the company grows as I expect it to, I pledge to donate $1,000,000.00 to a charity voted on by YOU and my social media followers at the time of an IPO or acquisition.

Please vote on the charity you’d want me to give $1 Million to if I win, as a Comment in the Comments section below.

For more info on Jet, check out these 2 recent articles I wrote for Inc and LinkedIn:

  1. 6 Lessons From the Boldest Launch in Startup History
  2. If you Have More Than 3 Core Values, Think Again

Thank you so much for your support of this fascinating launch. Here’s to you getting 6 free months of shopping deals, and a charity winning $1 Million.

***Please vote on the charity you’d want me to give $1 Million to if I win, as a Comment in the Comments section below. The charity that receives the most comments on this piece could win $1 Million if all goes well!

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