Dave Kerpen | 10 of the Craziest Office Holiday Traditions
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10 of the Craziest Office Holiday Traditions

10 of the Craziest Office Holiday Traditions

Ever since I surprised the Likeable Media team at our holiday party 6 years ago with a cruise to the Bahamas and other fun stuff Oprah-style, I’ve been obsessed with office holiday traditions. Sure, lots of companies celebrate Christmas with a small lame holiday party – and many have no party at all.

But I wanted to know about some of the different office holiday traditions out there. So I asked members of The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs:

What’s the craziest work holiday tradition you’ve done or experienced?

This is what they shared:

 1. We Create Funny Videos

Every holiday, one of our developers plans out various funny video ideas that different team members can be a part of. Then, he edits them to perfection and we all watch them at our holiday party. They can be parodies of “Saturday Night Live” skits or music videos. Whatever they are, they’re hilarious and we always enjoy watching them.

John Hall, CEO, Influence & Co.

2. We Have a ‘Price Is Right’ Office Party

At my former company, we used to give away TVs, cash, play stations, jewelry, and all kinds of prizes at our annual Christmas party. Upon getting to the party, all employees got a ticket. After dinner and drinks, I’d get on stage like Bob Barker from “The Price is Right” and call people up on stage to see what they won. The suspense was awesome and since we had some serious gifts, it was a hit.

Kristopher Jones, Founder, LSEO.com

3. We Hold a Contest to Raise Funds

At Christmas time, we’ll create a contest and split into teams. The team with the most creative way to raise funds for a selected charity wins the contest, and gets to leave early the day before the holiday break. We’ve had some incredibly creative fundraising contests in the past. And each year, teams try to out-do the previous year’s winners.

Nicole Munoz, Founder, CEO, Start Ranking Now

4. We Hold a Christmas Tree Decoration Contest

We like to hold a tree decorating contest each year with small desktop trees, where everyone goes crazy with a theme. I’ve always been into decorating trees, so I’m glad to see the team likes it as much as I do.

Murray Newlands, President, Due.com

5. We Hold a Global Snacks-Based Secret Santa

I have teams based all around, so we came up with the idea to send each other snacks from all around the world where teammates are based. Last time we tried Stoney carbonated ginger beer from South Africa among other things, and had a group Skype chat to see what everyone was munching on. It’s a great way to learn what makes my teams tick and how they interact.

Cody McLain, CEO, SupportNinja

6. We Take a Team Trip

We take our whole team of more than 60 on a trip every year to celebrate the past year’s successes. In 2017, we’re going to Big Bear to ski and snowboard. It’s an amazing way to build bonds and adds excitement to that time of year. This is on top of bonuses and buying everyone a holiday gift. Last year everyone received custom LSTN headphones. – Erik Huberman, Chief Executive Officer, Hawke Media

7. We Hold an Around-the-World Thanksgiving Potluck

We celebrate our diversity before we break for Thanksgiving with an around-the-world potluck lunch. Every team member picks a part of their ethnicity they most identify with and brings a (preferably home-cooked) meal to share from that part of the world. The spread is delicious, a visual treat and has covered France, Taiwan, India, El Salvador, Mexico, Italy, China, Iceland and…Long Island.

– Devanshi Garg, Chief Operating Officer, Icreon

8. We Have a ‘Worst Santa’ Competition

The Worst Santa is simple: find out what the person you picked hates most, and try and buy that item for them. The person judges how well the buyer nailed the purchase, and the person with the highest number of votes wins the Worst Santa award. The prize for said award is a gaudy, over-decorated santa hat that they wear around the office for the remainder of the holiday week.

Blair Thomas, Co-founder, First American Merchant

9. We Had the Lakers Girls

I worked for a Japanese company that had an office in Los Angeles. Every year for Christmas, they would have huge parties at the office and a company party outside. The one thing that stood out was that the Lakers Girls were always there. They would perform a routine and help with the giveaways. It was insane and awesome.

Cynthia Johnson, Co-Founder, Ipseity Media

10. We Rented a Big House for the Week

The most memorable (and most successful) work holiday we ever took was when we rented a huge house and spent a week together. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner together brought us closer than we could have imagined. Turns out that living together creates bonds that turns colleagues into “family.”

Diego Orjuela, CEO, Cables & Sensors, LLC 

Those of 10 of the craziest office holiday traditions I’ve heard of! Now it’s YOUR turn! What’s the craziest office holiday tradition you’ve experienced? What’s your favorite? Please let me know in the Comments section below, and Happy Holidays to one and all!

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