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Break the Hate

Break the Hate

Hate hurts us all.

The internet has long had both a good side and a dark side, just as humanity has always had good and evil. Before October 7th, though, I considered myself an idealist. I knew at an intellectual level that evil and hate existed but I wanted so desperately to believe that all people were fundamentally good and loving. So I went through life with that in mind. I interacted with friends and strangers with that in mind. I raised my kids with that in mind.

October 7th changed things, for me at least. I could no longer deny at any level that evil and hate existed. Perhaps even more shocking though, than the barbaric acts of hate that Hamas committed against the world on October 7th, has been the world’s reaction to it. The United Nations women took two months to condemn the hate. Hate-filled rallies against Israel and against Jewish people have filled the streets.

Worst of all, the internet and social media, once beacons of hope and light, have had more hate-filled speech than ever. I certainly know I have been on the tail end of more hate than I’ve ever known! I have been called a murderer multiple times and all sorts of other names I won’t repeat here.

Today, we launch #BREAKtheHATE, an inclusive social movement, created to remind everyone that the fate of humanity is at stake when people choose hate over love. (Kudos to the leader of the movement, the incredible ALIZA LICHT )

Please join me in denouncing antisemitism and all forms of hate. Make a video like mine, that is here on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Or if you don’t feel comfortable making your own video, please share mine:

Together we can show the world that love can still triumph over hate. And maybe former idealists like me can believe again in the triumph of love and light.

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