Dave Kerpen | How Personal Values Make You a Better Leader & 11 Other Articles You Missed This Week
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How Personal Values Make You a Better Leader & 11 Other Articles You Missed This Week

How Personal Values Make You a Better Leader & 11 Other Articles You Missed This Week

One of the week’s most popular articles was written by my wife, Carrie Kerpen. The piece explores the important role core values play when it comes to good leadership. She also provides more insight on the subject with an interview of Rick Davidson, President and CEO of Century 21. Here’s How Personal Values Make You a Better Leader and 11 others you may have missed this week.

1. 7 Extremely Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Reputation
When it comes to protecting your personal brand, sometimes the little things count. Here are some of the most frequent mistakes people make–avoid them, so you don’t damage your persona.

2. How to Protect Yourself From LinkedIn-Based Scams
Here are some tips on how to quickly spot fake accounts–and avoid the possible repercussions of accepting connections from them.

3. How Personal Values Make You a Better Leader
What core values do you embody?

4. Top 10 Most Profitable Industries of 2015
The companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 list represent a diverse array of industries from health to media.

5. 3 Ways the Most Successful People Stand Out From the Crowd
Having something to offer is just step one. Here’s how to really break through.

6. The 9 Realities of Working for Yourself
Working for yourself can amount to the most awesome and rewarding choice you’ll ever make…but only if you do it right.

7. How Successful People Beat Stress
The ability to remain calm under pressure is a massive predictor of performance. Here are 10 proven strategies you can start using today to stay calm.

8. 10 Steps to Starting a Business While Keeping Your Full-Time Job
A practical guide to minimizing risk and maximizing success while living the entrepreneurial dream.

9. How Nairobi Is Earning Its Nickname as the Developing World’s ‘Silicon Savannah’
Kenya’s capital city is quickly becoming a technology epicenter. An agile mobile banking system is creating new market opportunities for digital entrepreneurs.

10. Working at Amazon Is Hell. So What?
Some jobs are really hard. If the rewards are worth it to you, then do it.

11. 7 Ways to Get Happier in Less Than a Minute
Having a blah day? Try these super-quick mood boosters to get happy fast.

12. 5 Billion-Dollar Companies That Were Started as Side Businesses
What if you could turn your hobby into a billion-dollar business? These five founders did exactly that.

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