Dave Kerpen | The Moral & Business Imperative to Support Nurses
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The Moral & Business Imperative to Support Nurses

The Moral & Business Imperative to Support Nurses

The last year and a half have been challenging for all of us as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic and the ripple effects of the public healthcare crisis. Lost in the shuffle has been the amazing work that nurses have provided for us in our time of need. 

Registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are the often forgotten heroes, not only of the COVID-19 pandemic but of all of our lives. Nursing is the US’s largest healthcare profession with over 3 million registered nurses. Nurses are the backbone of hospitals and doctors’ offices, doing the majority of the primary care work and long-term care that keeps us healthy and functioning. I was stunned to learn that nurse practitioners (NP’s) and physician’s assistants (PA’s) write over 30% of prescriptions!

Inexplicably though, nurses are underpaid and overworked, many are forced to work a second job, and are more likely to suffer back injury on the job than construction workers. In all 50 states, nurse practitioners have the authority to prescribe medication, yet are still wildly under-appreciated members of the healthcare workforce. I don’t know about you, but my family members and I have been helped countless times but nurse professionals.

Based on prescription writing alone, there is a business case to support NPs. Pharma companies and medical device companies spend billions of dollars to reach doctors, yet virtually ignore nurses. Further, nurses are intimately involved in the day-to-day lives of our friends and family members. They are literally saving our lives, and so beyond the business imperative, we have a moral imperative to support nurses in any way we can.

For these reasons, I am delighted to share that I have invested in and am going to be named the incoming Executive Chairman of Florence Health, a new company dedicated to building the preeminent community for NP’s, RN’s and PAs, everywhere. 

Florence Health is a private community that welcomes all nurses and physician’s assistants to come together for professional and personal support. Through Florence Health, healthcare providers can join a Daily Huddle, receive a daily newsletter, and browse through a personal feed that all highlight their specialties and personal interests. Dialogue and conversation with peers and the nursing community at large foster a sense of unity throughout the country, something valuable always but especially at this moment in time. 

If you know of any registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, I’d like to encourage you to connect them with me about how we can better provide content and community for the professionals that make such a difference in our lives. I invite them to check out our website, sign up for our Daily Huddle, and learn more.

Please join me in celebrating the heroes of our pandemic, nurses everywhere.

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