Dave Kerpen | This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success & 12 Other Articles You Missed This Week
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This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success & 12 Other Articles You Missed This Week

This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success & 12 Other Articles You Missed This Week

Whether at home or in the office, facing challenges is a natural part of our everyday lives. However, it’s not unusual for those challenges make us question our abilities. If we’re not prepared to tackle them, they can (and will) even keep us from reaching our full potential.

This week Thomas Koulopoulos published an article on Inc.com about unlocking the potential of your dreams. It has become one of the week’s most popular pieces and is titled, This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success. Check out Thomas’ article as well as these 12 others you might have missed this week. 

1. 12 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves at Work
Sharing the right aspects of yourself at work is an art form, with dire consequences when you fail.

2. 8 Lessons From Poker That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur
To launch online flower marketplace BloomNation, David Daneshgar brought to bear many of the skills he developed during his former career as a professional poker player.

3. Tim Ferriss Reveals His ‘Amazing Secret Weapon’ for Building a Career
The author and investor offered his thoughts on productivity, mental health, hair loss, and the benefits of hallucinogenic drugs in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

4. How Facebook Designs for a Billion People
Designing for a billion people is about as easy as it sounds.

5. Introverts Will Soon Rule the Business World
While introverts innovate, extroverts are mostly talk. So in a business world where innovation is crucial, do we really need the extroverts?

6. Anti-Procrastination Apps Actually Work, Study Says
Tech is probably one cause of your inability to focus. It just might be the solution, too, if new research is to be believed.

7. How to Become a Morning Person
We know most top performers are morning people, but shifting your mental clock isn’t easy. Mattan Griffel shares what’s worked for him.

8. This Is the Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success
Unlearning this peculiar behavior is the key to unlocking the potential of your dreams.

9. 15 Phrases You Should Say to Yourself Every Day
Say these 15 phrases to yourself to become more successful, accomplish your goals, and get more done.

10. 8 Life-Changing Lessons From TED Talks on How to Be Happy
Ever wonder if you could make yourself happier? You can. Here’s how.

11. 7 Conversational Tricks to Appear More Confident
Having confidence carries many benefits. Even if you’re not the most confident person, there are ways to appear more confident when dealing with other people. Here are 7 of them.

12. The 9 Books Every Boss Should Read
There are a million books about management, but these nine are essential.

13. Start Blogging, Start a Business, and Build an Authentic Brand
Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere on building a thriving business.

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